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Mira Blackman

Pro Choice Panties!

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Your favorite granny panties are back for a VERY limited time! These are literally the most comfy undies I've ever worn. 

There’s a soft and cozy elastic that sits at the natural waist. If you’re concerned about it cutting in, it doesn’t but sizing up is also a nice option that gives you a little extra height too.

25% of profits goes to who unites, represents, serves, and supports abortion providers

These pieces are dyed by hand in our backyard studio. Every element from the temperature that day, to the way the wind is blowing, affects they way they come out. It's a truly magical and collaborative process. 

Actual colors and patters will vary. I use the same dye method on all these pieces but each one is distinct from the next. Colors may vary slightly also due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently.



Panties are not eligible for returns or exchanges

Customer Reviews

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Bettina Houston
10/10 Most comfy & beautiful panties EVER

Gorgeous comfort: these literally make me smile daily. I’ve collected 15 pair! All my other panties are long gone. I’m happy to see sales are now helping to fund Pro-choice organizations. Thank you for making these for us, Mira. Love love love them!

Kaylee Karst Karst
Pro Choice Panties

I will wear these as long as you keep making them. This Kansas heat is crazy, and Cotton is the only fabric I wear. Thank you, and God BLess

Sandy Rodriguez

Love Them!❤️

Marie Valigorsky
Love these panties!


Worth Every Penny

Okay, I’ve been hesitant to pay this much for underwear, but how could I not support the Pro Choice Panties offer! (Thank you for donating to pro-choice causes, BTW). My first thought when seeing them was, “Oh, the emergency room staff will have fun with these” (harkening back to my mother’s belief that one must always wear nice underwear in case you were in an accident). Then I tried them on, and it was love at first wear. These are seriously soft cotton and I love the “granny” fit. Really. They are so comfortable. Oh, yeah, they’re rather spectacular looking, as well.