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Mira Blackman

Wabi Sabi Dream Coat

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We love the asymmetry and complementary contrast of the pieced vintage indigos on this piece. Truly one of a kind! You'll love how you feel in this kimono inspired jacket with HUGE pockets and a hand twisted tassel hem. The picture doesn't do justice to it's rich handwoven texture and the beautiful wabi-sabi details throughout. 

Don't be fooled by it's denim-adjacent look. It is SO soft and dreamy!This lightweight coat is the perfect elevated year round layer. 

Made with vintage textiles from Burkina Faso, West Africa. This beautiful fabric was handwoven in small strips that were then sewn together to create a sarong-like cloth before being dyed. The whole process took weeks, even longer when you consider that they often grew the cotton and indigo! Imperfections, distress patterns, small holes, or stains are common features of this beautiful and storied fabric.

Width: 29.5''

Length: 35.5''

Tassels: 4''

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Such a unique piece! Obsessed!